British Sign Language

“Learning BSL is no different to learning any other language, except this one enables you to communicate with people in your own community.”

Did You Know?

  • 1 in 6 of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss.

  • About 900,000 people are severely or profoundly deaf.

  • Deafness is the third most common disability in the world but you probably wouldn’t spot a Deaf person in a crowd

  • Deaf people are more likely to have poor mental health – up to 50%, compared to 25% for the general population.

  • There are at least 50,000 children who are deaf in the UK.

  • 9 in every ten deaf children are born to hearing parents, but only 1 in 10 of those parents will learn sign language to be able to communicate fully with their son or daughter

  • Speaking louder does not work.

  • Even the best lip-readers only catch less than half of the words said to them, natural facial expressions and hand    gestures can really help

  • BSL isn’t simply English with hand signs, it is a different   language with its own grammar and sentence construction

  • You might assume that sign language across the world is the same – but actually British Sign Language is totally different to other sign languages such as American Sign Language or Japanese Sign Language

  • There are even regional variations of BSL.

Reasons to Learn British Sign Language

Sign language helps to bring people together

You can make new deaf friends

Hearing parents can communicate with deaf children

You can communicate underwater

You can communicate across the room without having to shout

You can become bilingual

It opens up new employment possibilities

You can make new friends with a common interest

Learning sign language can give you confidence

Sign language is beautiful

Sign up to one of our British Sign Language courses today.

Basic BSL

Our Basic classes are a perfect way to get started, learn some simple sign language, and decide if you want to continue on to accredited learning. It includes a certificate of completion.

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Level 1 BSL

Our fully accredited Level 1 BSL course runs for 25 to 33 weeks, depending on location, and teaches you conversational sign language. This is a nationally recognised qualification.

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BSL Kids

Our BSL Kids Project is aimed at children aged 4 to 16. Teaching children the alphabet, numbers, colours, family, and more. There will be many opportunities to sign your child up each year.

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We may also be able to offer 1-2-1 BSL training for parents of Deaf children. Please get in touch by email to discuss this.